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Top resources to become a powerful ally at work.

Men are more engaged than ever to act, support gender equality and end discrimination and harassment.

You can still help to close the gap between thinking and doing with these helpful tools.

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Step Up to Care

You are more than capable of being a caregiver

Men are hardwired to take care of both children and elder relatives, and when done so, women are more likely to advance in their careers – everyone benefits.

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Sharing Is Caring

Being a father is so much more than just play time

Sharing domestic chores with your partner contributes to boys’ acceptance of gender equality and encourages daughters to aim for more aspirational careers.

Remain Present

Be an equal partner in all tasks – even the dirty work!

Men can own the space of being both a caregiver and a financial provider, but just helping out is not enough to truly advance equality. When you’re truly present, kids and partners notice and remember.

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Build With Love

Gain trust and respect, not power and dominance

When daughters and sons see their fathers in respectful, nonviolent, relationships, they can internalize the idea of equality and can pass it on.

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Talk Freely

Open communication with your partner is paramount

Discussing all aspects of your relationship, both physical tasks and your mental load breeds a healthy household.

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Empower Their Voices

Involving your children in decisions inspires confidence

By listening to your children and and engaging them in conversation you teach them to respect others and feel deserving of a positive future

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Nurture Ideas

Empower your daughters’ dreams and raise your sons to be supportive of them

Be aware of rigid, limiting gender roles and help both sons and daughters resist stereotypes in their toys, TV programs and other spaces. Don’t urge children to conform to them and instead embrace your children's’ passions.

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Stand Up For Your Family

Challenge structural and systemic power where you can


Advocate for positive child care policies and vote for politicians who support women the workplace.

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Enjoy It All

Grow from the mistakes you make as you figure out how to be a ally at home

Be involved, try your best and meet each challenge one step at a time. Developing close connections with children will provide a huge sense of purpose, making it all worthwhile.