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So, what are we all about?

The Global Boyhood Initiative aims to provide resources to parents, teachers, and boys to foster healthy masculinity and gender equality.

The Better Boyhoods Blog

child having fun
As Written by Equimundo - 13 June 2023

Engaging Young Boys is a Key to Achieving Gender Equality

A first-of-its-kind, research-backed initiative focused on boyhood, founded by Equimundo and the Kering Foundation in partnership with Plan International

Boys &Child Marriage Cover
As Written by Equimundo - 13 June 2023

Webinar: Boys & Child, Early and Forced Marriages and Unions

While child marriage predominantly affects adolescent girls, evidence has shown that working only with girls is not enough to end the practice. Many boys and

boys in classroom
As Written by Equimundo - 13 June 2023

Webinar: Boys & Education

Boys are falling behind in school in graduation rates, school completion and grade level compared to girls in 90+ countries all over the globe, according to

As Written by Jane Kato-Wallace - 13 June 2023

Why Some French Boys Rejected Gender Equality Workshops

“These workshops [about gender equality] were a waste of time,” a group of ten-to-thirteen year old boys told me during an evaluation of a pilot of Les Ateliers