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Will you be my valentine? Affirmations for February 14 and beyond

As Written by Equimundo - 14 February 2024

While Valentine’s Day often focuses on romantic relationships, it’s important for the children in our lives – especially boys – to know and hear that we love them too.
This Valentine’s Day, if you’re a parent, or coach, or teacher, here are some affirmations you can use to connect with the boys in your life.



Take deep breaths and all say:

  • I am valued and loved.
  • It’s okay to feel and sit with all of my emotions.
  • I was born to love and to care.
  • I can give myself and others empathy.
  • I am capable of accepting and connecting with others.


How was this experience for you?

Let us know in the comments on our Instagram post. Happy Valentine’s Day!