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KINDER Resources

KINDER is a project working in Portugal, Spain, and Croatia with educators of kids ages 3-12 which provides teachers, educators and other staff with gender-responsive and transformative tools, allowing them to respond to the specific needs of girls and boys in the teaching and learning processes from a gender equality perspective. KINDER also engages families in a participatory process that aims to promote diversity within and outside schools. KINDER equips teachers with knowledge, skills, and attitudes for a gender-responsive pedagogy (while promoting a behavioural change of the sometimes unconscious transmission of gender stereotypes by these professionals). KINDER will thus support school management and national public authorities to mainstream gender issues at early age levels.

KINDER has a robust library of resources available to parents and educators to equip them with resources to address gender equality and gender norms with children. Access their playroom containing books and videos as well as their full body of resources on their website.


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