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Boys and Education

"Boys are falling behind in school in graduation rates, school completion and grade level compared to girls in 90+ countries all over the globe, according to research reviews by UNESCO and the World Bank.

On April 5, 2023, the Global Boyhood Initiative Webinar Series hosted a discussion, “Boys & Education: What Does Gender-Transformative Education Look Like?” We were joined by a panel of experts from Room to Read, UNESCO, UNGEI, World Bank, and Equimundo.

Equimundo’s President and CEO, Gary Barker, moderated a discussion about transformative, scalable and evidence-based approaches and their applications across various geographies, and what approaches education systems and adult caregivers of young boys can adapt to promote healthy, emotionally connected and non-violent boyhood and to advance education for boys. By accompanying efforts to promote girls’ education and empowerment, not only does this positively impact the lives of boys, but it is also essential to achieve the full equality of women and girls.